Monday, August 1, 2011

Egg Cup Pin Cushion - Craft Tutorial

 To make your pin cushion you need:
-A hard-boiled egg cup. I found mine at a department store.
- A hot glue gun
-Thread or Embroidery Floss
- Beads, buttons, or any other embellishments

First, cut out a circle of fabric about double the size of the cup. 
Then set the bottom of the cup onto the felt and trace around it with a pencil and cut it out. Put hot glue around the bottom, and glue on the felt circle.

While the bottom is drying thread your needle with the thread or embroidery floss.
Baste stitch around the circle. Make sure to leave the thread long at the ends so that you can tie it later.
After you are done baste stitching around the circle turn it right side out . Stuff it with polyfill until it's pretty tight. Pull the two strings to tighten, then tie them together. You may also want to stitch the closing up so that it doesn't come loose.
Hot glue  around the inside of the cup and press in the cushion.

Last, you can hot glue on any embellishments. On the cow I did beads around the base of the cushion, and on the pig I braided some blue twine and glued a button on top.

Before I did my first one I looked up several different ways how to do it. So I just mixed them all up and did them my own way. :) This is my first tutorial. I hope that it I didn't confuse anyone.
 The first one that I made-